Founded in 2003, LEA Consulting Group, Inc. is an SBA-certified, woman-owned, small business headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, with a list of client references that spans government and industry.

We are passionate in our desire to help our clients succeed. Executives in government, private industry and non-profits, turn to us for both strategic planning and execution and for our specialized knowledge in:

  • IT and HR program deployments/adoption
  • communications
  • organizational change management
  • leadership development
  • program management

Our team consists of senior consultants, who offer extensive experience and bright ideas—and then roll up their sleeves and get things done.

Each team member offers a unique, expert perspective, is handpicked to be part of the LEA team and then aligned with clients and projects based on their unique skill sets.

Download our corporate capabilities statement or read about our integrated approach to change management and communications:

Corporate Capabilities Statement   The Method and the Magic PDF

Dun & Bradstreet Survey Results

Clients in a recent Dun & Bradstreet survey rated their overall satisfaction with our services at 98%. 100% of our clients indicated they would recommend LEA Consulting Group to others.

GSA MOBIS Contract #: GS-10F-054AA

DUNS #: 137298811

What we love about our work…

Laurie Axelrod
Laurie AxelrodFounder and President
“When we can help a committed, inspiring leader take the vision out of their own head and embed into the hearts and minds of the rest of the organization, big things get done. It’s thrilling to be part of it.”
Beth McDonald
Beth McDonaldSenior Change Management Consultant
“I love the analogy of a tugboat for the work we do at LEA. We are a small, powerful vessel, assisting large ships get to their destinations. We help leaders achieve their vision.”
Chris Frothingham
Chris FrothinghamSenior Program Manager
“The moment when disparate people, plans, agendas and objectives become one—an integrated team with a shared goal. That’s when momentum builds and true progress is made.”
Loretta Cooper
Loretta CooperSenior Communications Consultant
“That moment when we are working with a team trying to solve a really complex problem, and clarity strolls into the room. It may not resolve all the issues immediately, but we begin to see path forward.”
Lee Frothingham
Lee FrothinghamSenior Communications Consultant
“It’s incredibly rewarding to work side-by-side with our clients to help them solve interesting problems and challenges. No two days are the same.”
Stacey Kessel
Stacey KesselSenior Change Management Consultant
“Working with a client to assess their needs, connect the dots and achieve results while, at the same time, collaborating with a great group of consultants.”
Meg Phillips
Meg PhillipsSenior Human Resource and Communications Consultant
“Making an impact on our clients – whether it’s synthesizing data from multiple sources into a communication tool or helping their employees feel heard.”
Kathi Scott
Kathi ScottSenior Communications Consultant
“Helping clients see beyond their challenges and focus on new possibilities. Every project brings the opportunity to introduce new tools and approaches that impact every level of the organization.”
Just wanted to express how great the LEA support is for our project. I have had some things taking me out of the office lately, but we haven’t missed a step thanks to the great support your team provides. Truly we would crumble without LEA. I just wanted to let you know what you already know – your team is stellar and I appreciate them very much.
LEA Consulting Client
I want to extend my gratitude to you for all your great work on our vendor presentation. The preparatory sessions truly made the difference in our execution. It was a pleasure working with you.
LEA Consulting Client
I am a firm believer that you can’t build support for new initiatives or drive behavioral change with traditional approaches. The unique, integrated change management and communications strategies that LEA Consulting Group applied here played a critical role in the success of several of our HR transformation initiatives.
LEA Consulting Client

The Method and The Magic

By Laurie Axelrod and Beth McDonald

Learn more about our unique method for helping people embrace change and the magic that makes it happen.

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